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Oceans Managing Group is your trusted partner in commercial property management, offering tailored solutions to property investors across Volusia County since in 2003.

With a focus on commercial leasing of office spaces, retail outlets, and industrial properties, our dedicated team is equipped to handle your investment with precision and expertise. Whether you're an individual property owner or managing a portfolio, our professionals are here to provide customized assistance to meet your specific needs.

Our range of services includes comprehensive property management, partial management solutions, and specialized Home Away services. Take the first step towards optimizing your property's performance by requesting a complimentary leasing analysis from our team. Connect with us below to kickstart your journey towards efficient property management.


We excel in quickly placing qualified tenants, minimizing vacancy periods to ensure consistent revenue streams and enhanced returns on your investment. Effective tenant screening is essential in this endeavor, guaranteeing not just speed but also the selection of the right occupant.

Our screening process is fair and thorough, encompassing:

  • Comprehensive credit history and report checks
  • National criminal background screenings
  • Past eviction record investigations
  • Verification of employment status and income
  • Rental history verification through discussions with previous landlords

Utilizing advanced technology, we expedite data collection and decision-making, usually within a day or two. Our process is meticulously documented, and our screening criteria are transparent and compliant with fair housing laws.


A robust lease agreement is crucial for a successful and profitable leasing venture. Crafted to protect both landlords and tenants, our agreements are legally binding in Florida and tailored to your property's specifications.

We ensure that tenants fully understand the terms they're agreeing to, and we remain accessible to address any questions they may have.

Before the move-in date, we emphasize key aspects of the lease, including:

  • Explanation of move-in fees
  • Rent collection policies
  • Emergency reporting and maintenance guidelines
  • Move-out requirements
  • Rules regarding smoking, parking, guest policies, etc.
  • Clear instructions on how to contact us for further assistance


In a dynamic leasing market, our focus is on swiftly securing qualified tenants while nurturing long-term relationships with them. The demand for well-maintained commercial spaces in prime locations remains consistently high, attracting top-notch tenants seeking quality premises.

For properties with existing tenants, we review lease agreements and rental values meticulously to optimize cash flow and ROI. For vacant properties, we minimize vacancy costs through strategic marketing and prompt showings, ensuring swift placement of excellent tenants and mitigating financial losses associated with prolonged vacancies.


Many property owners choose our services due to time constraints or lack of expertise needed to manage their investments effectively amidst day-to-day tenant issues.

Benefiting from our local expertise, our team ensures prompt and thorough responses to any concerns that arise. We also cater to investors seeking professional management to avoid involving friends, associates, or relatives lacking the necessary expertise or vendor relationships.

Clients appreciate the freedom from personal involvement in tenant matters, including disputes, rent collections, maintenance, and handling rent increases. Additionally, entrusting their properties to our professional management services spares owners the hassle of responding to emergency issues and coordinating with contractors at any hour, resulting in significant time and energy savings.

Avoiding late-night calls about property issues is a major advantage of entrusting your commercial spaces to Oceans Managing Group's professional management services.




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